GSD - Get "Stuff" Done

Sick of failing to meet goals or accomplish projects?

According to a study posted in the Harvard Business Review, most organizations only accomplish 33% of the strategic and tactical goals that they set for themselves.  

That's completely unacceptable.

In our former careers as fighter pilots, Navy SEALS, and Special Operators, we would never accept a 33% success rate.  In order to achieve a higher level of performance, we utilized a specific, rigorous, and disciplined approach that drove alignment, action, and motivation across our organizations.  We've taken that process and modified it to apply to the rapidly changing and evolving world of business.  Our success rate with teams using the GSD model is over 90%!!!

The process is pretty simple:

  1. Our consulting team facilitates the development of quarterly OKRs.
  2. Collaboratively with your team, we build a plan of action to accomplish your goals.
  3. We utilize a methodology called Rapid Execution Progress Sessions (REPS) . This process drives accountability, transparency, alignment, and team buy-in.
  4. Finally, our facilitators will conduct a debrief of your team's execution to identify actions that will increase the likelihood of future success.

Most consultants show up, tell you what to do, then leave.  They are not interested in helping you get the work done.  

That's where we are different.  We want to be there along the way.  We want to drive success.  We want to be with you and your team as you cross the finish line.

If you've had a project or goal that your team has been unable to accomplish, let us help.